Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ms. Native UNM Gallup Pageant 2013-2014

The UNM Gallup Native American Student Association (NASA) celebrated the second annual Ms. Native UNM Gallup Pageant hosted by Elroy Natachu  Jr., Student President of NASA.

The contest had a duration of three days from November 19 – 21 where the judges had to evaluate the contestants’ skills in public speaking, cultural demonstration, and contemporaneous demonstration. The judges of the competition were Don Tolino, Garnelle Cly, Stella Rockbridge, Dr. Carolene Whitman and Marilu Joson.

Four UNM Gallup students competed for the crown: Nicole Young, Amanda Martza, Quintasha Johnson and Nahomi Livingston. During the competition Nicole presented a personal line of Fashion Jewelry, demonstrated traditional Navajo clothing, and sang two traditional Prayer songs. Amanda provided a demonstration of Zuni Bread making and introduced an abbreviated “Zumba” fitness routine. Quintasha explained the origin and concept of the traditional Navajo Ceremonial Basket, a personal Family Tree to explain the Dineh Clan system and sang two Navajo Corn-grinding songs. Lastly, Nahomi demonstrated traditional Navajo Rug-Weaving techniques and also demonstrated Navajo bread making called “Nani-skad-eh” or Grilled tortilla.

The Event was sponsored by Aztec Floral, Pee-Wee’s kitchen, Flower Basket, Glenn’s Bakery, and Garnelle Cly Jewelry. Special guest speakers also included were: Ms. Cody Jansen -  the 92nd Annual Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial Queen, and Ms. Onawa Lacy - Former “Miss Gathering of Nations 2008”.  Also in attendance was UNM Gallup’s own Navajo Language Professor, Mr. Joe Kee, who was instrumental as a co-translator to install subtitle and verbal pronunciation of the “Dineh Language” for the recently released film “Star Wars” which is currently on a national viewing tour in the US.

After the final speeches, the results of the competition were: 

Second Runner up - Quintasha Johnson.
 First Runner-up - Amanda Martza

And finally the “Winner” and the designated Miss Congeniality of the competition was Ms. Nicole Young- 2013-2014 Miss Native UNM Gallup -   

This event was very demanding and was exciting for all students to witness. Congratulations to All of the Contestants and the staff of the NASA student group for a job well done!

(Written by Carmen Wellborn, Sr. Web Designer and Nick Brokeshoulder, Education Specialist)

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