Monday, June 2, 2014

Students Learn Real Life Skills Through Technical Writing

Students in Professor Robert Galin’s Technical and Professional Writing class (ENGL 219) have the opportunity to use their writing skills in real world applications, and often for the greater good of the community.  In his spring semester class, Mr. Galin’s students created non-profit organizations and were asked to create grant applications, websites and other marketing materials as well as develop  business plans.  From the hard work of the students emerged the creation of the following organizations:

· Project Safe House Resource Center to help those suffering from abuse, mental illness or homelessness.
· Lifetree Prosthetics Solutions  to provide free and low-cost prosthetics devices to members of the Navajo Nation who have lost limbs in war or civilian life.
· The Rising Stars Club for afterschool programs that focus on preventing diabetes, obesity and school drop-out.
· Homeless Heroes to provide long-term temporary housing, counseling and job services for homeless veterans.
· Unique Care focusing on services for special needs (developmentally disabled, etc.) youth enrolled in high schools throughout the region.
· Artistic Alliance of Revolutionary Thinkers (AART) whose goal is to provide local artists with a place to do their art, as well as workshops, exhibition assistance, and earnings development.

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