Monday, April 2, 2018

RADS application

The ROADS TO ACHIEVE A DEGREE IN SCIENCE, RADS is accepting applications for the last time for this Spring 2018 semester. Time is running out so apply now. Very critical that you apply ASAP. This is an award up to $4000 for this semester depending on financial need.

·         Students need to be enrolled in AS Science in science, and only in Science. Excluding students in nursing and a few others.
o   Students who were placed in Liberal Arts or General Studies that have an interest in science and engineering are acceptable
o   However they need to demonstrate their interest in Science and have taken science classes: chemistry, physics, earth science, Calculus etc….
·         RADS application form. Come see Mr. Platero at CH 227 during office hours. Application is also online at UNMG website under scholarships.
·         Two letters of recommendations from previous professors or employers.
·         Your personal letter of interest explaining you interest in STEM fields. One and half page typed double space.
·         Request a FNA at the financial aid office. Request  ASAP.
·         If accepted, I will request an official transcripts.

Please, if you’re interested please email or visit my office, CH 227 to see if your eligible. Please send your UNM ID number with your inquiry. I hope to hear from you soon. Again PLEASE APPLY ASAP. This is my last offer for the semester.

Chris Platero
RADS Principle Investigator
UNM- Gallup

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