Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Art Student Collective Field Trip

On Friday, April 27, UNM-Gallup students went to Albuquerque to tour the UNM Art Museum – hosted by Traci Quin/ Curator of Education and Public Program.

They had lunch at a restaurant called Saggios’ which was payed by the ASC (Art Student Collective) prior Halloween Carnival Musical Chairs and Annual Art Sale fundraisers

Later, They were given a tour of the UNM Art Studios by Justine Andrews; Associate professor and Chair of the Department of Art, and graduate student in Painting; Mick Burson.

The trip was coordinated and hosted by Maya Ross / Art Student Collective President and the advisors Kristi Wilson and John Zimmerman.


According to Adjunct Instructor Kristi Wilson: “This Field Trip was intended to demystify main campus and to introduce UNM-Gallup students to the Art facilities available for those interested in pursuing an Art Studio Degree. It was extremely enriching and motivational.”

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