Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cell Phone Project

The UNM-Gallup Sustainability Committee and Battered Family Services have teamed together for  a new and very important partnership regarding the recycling of used cell phones.  Many people do not realize that cell phones, even when there is no service carrier, can be used for 911 emergency service calls. Discarded cell phones are also the source of toxic environmental pollution when thrown away.  UNM-G, therefore, will be collecting used cell phones (with chargers when possible) and donating them to our local Battered Family Services to be distributed to those who need them.

Cell phones can be placed in the designated box at the UNM-G Information Desk located in Gurley Hall during campus working hours.  Donated phones should be cleared of information including contacts, reminders, photos, etc. to protect donors’ privacy.  All students, faculty, staff, and community members are encouraged to donate old cell phones towards this cause. 

The UNM-Gallup Sustainability Committee researches and works to bring awareness to the campus of ways to protect and sustain the environment through the use of eco-friendly practices.  They are currently preparing a list of the “10 top easiest ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint” and are always looking for ways to partner with local recycling efforts.