Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Campus threat this morning

On behalf of Dr. Dyer and the UNM-Gallup administration, We would like to extend thanks to the law enforcement agencies that worked so diligently this morning to ensure the safety of our campus.  The UNM-Gallup Campus Safety officers, the Gallup City Police Department and the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office were quick in responding and mobilizing to keep our employees and students safe.

Early this morning a social media threat was discovered in the form of a bomb threat to the campus.  Campus Police and UNM-G administrators were alerted to the message which targeted UNM-Gallup.  The campus was immediately closed and a search of the campus was undertaken.  A two-hour delay was instituted when it became clear that a thorough investigation of the campus would not be completed by 8:00 AM.  The delay was extended until 12:00 PM as officers continued their room-to-room search.  Shortly before noon, the search was completed and no threat to safety was identified.  The campus safely reopened at Noon.

The safety of our campus community is always a top priority so every effort was taken to be abundantly cautious and protective of all those who call UNM-Gallup their school or their place of work.  Thank you for your cooperation.