Monday, July 27, 2015

UNM-Gallup to Benefit from Local Grant

          The Northwest New Mexico Regional Solid Waste Authority was recently awarded a grant from the New Mexico Environment Department Solid Waste Bureau that will make it easier for the citizens of McKinley County to have a convenient location to drop off their recyclable materials.  As a result of the successfully funded grant application, UNM-Gallup will be a designated recycling station.  Grant funds will be used to purchase bins for all buildings on campus as well as other supplies, such as wheeled carts, that will allow for a greater commitment to sustainability efforts.

            Pamela Stovall, Associate Professor of Communications and Journalism at UNM-Gallup, wrote the grant proposal in her capacity as a team member of the NWNMRSWA team.  This collaborative effort resulted in the $17,500.00 award which will be used to purchase bins and recycling materials.  Stovall notes, “This is a strong community-wide effort to lead the way in recycling.  In the long term it is hoped that staff will be available to support and encourage recycling.  UNM-Gallup did a test study earlier in the year and the students were amazing.  Students took the extra steps to separate recyclable materials with the help of individual staff members and departments.  Having such a strong student response led to the local organization choosing UNM-Gallup as a location for placement of the bins.”

            The paperwork is still in progress to place the bins, but once situated, community members will be invited to utilize the drop off site for all recyclable materials.

Monday, July 20, 2015

UNM-Gallup Awarded Department of Education Grant

The University of New Mexico-Gallup is proud to announce its receipt of a Student Support Services Grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  This award is for the TRIO Student Support Services program at UNM-Gallup and will be funded in the amount of $235,228.00 per year for a five year period for a total of $1,176,140.00 over the course of the grant cycle.

            The TRIO program provides customized support services to UNM-Gallup students who qualify based on income level, first generation status, or low academic preparedness.  Institutions of higher education are funded for Student Support Services programs to provide academic development opportunities and individualized assistance to students which is intended to motivate them towards successful completion of a certificate or degree program. 

            Jayme McMahon, Senior Program Manager for the UNM-Gallup Student Success Center and author of the TRIO grant proposal, received news of the award through a phone call from Senator Tom Udall’s office early this week.   Upon receipt of the award letter she stated, “We are very excited to have been awarded the TRIO/Student Support Services grant for the next five years, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue providing critical support services to students attending UNM-Gallup. This was a highly competitive grant cycle, and I am very proud that the submitted proposal, along with the proven record of success within the program, earned new funding for our institution. TRIO programs provide much needed support and services to first-generation, low-income students and students with disabilities who are often underrepresented and most at-risk for achieving success in their postsecondary endeavors.”

            The objectives of the grant-funded program directly address the academic needs of students and propose strategies to help students maintain good academic standing through a robust host of institutional means including academic and financial aid advising, career counselling, tutoring, supplemental instruction, coaching, and mentoring.  The Department of Education strictly monitors institutions utilizing Student Support Services funding to insure that students are progressing and graduating from their programs. 
            UNM-Gallup has maintained a strong TRIO program since 2001. The most recent grant ends August 31 of this year so the fate of the program remained uncertain until the new grant was awarded. 
            Jeannie Baca, Director of Student Affairs at UNM-Gallup spoke as to the benefits of the grant for students.  “We are very excited to be named as a recipient of the TRIO Student Support Services grant and are extremely thankful to the U.S. Department of Education for their confidence and support.  UNM-Gallup provides opportunities for students to earn a credential, transfer to a four-year university or receive job training.  This grant will provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education.  It will continue to enrich and strengthen the UNM-G community.”  

            Executive Director, Dr. Christopher Dyer, in adding his strong support of the TRIO program adds, “The TRIO program represents a critical part of services we provide to students by helping those who need additional support to achieve college success.  This program has had remarkable success in the past, and this present award is evidence of the excellent work done for our students who have academic needs.”