Monday, December 21, 2015


TO:             UNM-Gallup Campus

FROM:       Dr. Christopher Dyer
                    Chief Executive Officer

Dallago Plumbing has informed us that there is a leak at some point in the newly installed piping network.  In order to identify the location and fix the leak, there will be the need for an almost 100% water outage on Tuesday, December 22 beginning at 8:00 a.m.   If the location of the leak is easily identifiable, the water outage will be anywhere from 4-5 hours long.  If they are not able to find the location immediately, they will have to excavate sections of Gurley Avenue and they cannot guarantee how quickly the water will be restored, or if it can be restored at all during normal business hours.

Given the uncertainty of the repairs and the fact that the campus will be without water for a minimum of half a day, the UNM-Gallup administration must consider the health and safety of all employees.  After consultation with the UNM Provost, it has been decided that UNM-Gallup will release all non-essential employees at the close of business on Monday, December 21st.  Employees will not be required to report for work on Tuesday, December 22 and will not be charged leave for that day.

Supervisors should work with their staff to ensure that their department is secured for closure by 5:00 P.M. on Monday.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Students Gain Work Experience through Internship Program

Gallup Land Partners
705 Gurley Avenue
Gallup, NM 87301
Marilee Petranovich

“It was a beautiful mistake.”  These were the words Melvin Mariano used to describe how he inadvertently came to be a participant in an internship experience at UNM-Gallup.  Melvin needed an extra class to maintain his part-time academic status when he signed up for what he thought was an on-line class.  In fact, he had signed up for an internship class that is the result of a collaborative effort between UNM-Gallup and the Gallup Land Partners (GLP).  The partnership gives future entrepreneurs the opportunity to not only be involved in the day-to-day workings of area businesses, but also to see the connection between their school work and their career pathways.  Melvin spent this semester working with Ramah Care Services and told UNM-Gallup faculty, staff and administrators how he looked forward to going to work every day.  “I’m not a people person.  It started out slowly, but I felt myself coming out of my shell.  All it takes is one ‘spark’ and now I feel like I’m part of the Ramah Care Services family.”

In a recent presentation on their experiences, GLP interns talked about what it was like to be immersed in the business world and how the program helped them grow their confidence levels, improve their communication skills and apply the concepts they are learning in the classroom to workforce situations.  Corey Holyan worked with Patty Lundstrom and Michael Sage at the Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation and noted that her internship “was the most amazing experience.  It gave me the challenges I was craving.  Patty and Mike are so driven and helped me feel more confident about my abilities.”

Research done by the Ruffalo Noel Levitz Corporation shows that almost 78% of second year college students want some type of internship or mentorship opportunity that matches their program of study.  The UNM-Gallup/GLP internship, which comes with an attached scholarship, provides this opportunity to students while allowing them to earn up to 6 credit hours in a semester by working 10-20 hours per week with their local business partners.  Michelle Eriacho interned with the Digital Media Group and found that her work experience this semester helped her with the critical thinking skills that are not always part of a college curriculum.  “I strengthened my time management skills, improved my people skills and learned the importance of understanding client wants and needs.”
Rylen Sheche also worked with the Digital Media Group and helped design the slogan for the group which is “You provide the vision, we provide the solution.”  Rylen felt his internship was very beneficial and “formed a better bridge between the university, the program and the community.”  As part of the newly formed Design and Digital Media Student Group at UNM-Gallup, Rylen and several of his fellow interns set up a booth at the Gallup Arts Crawl to demonstrate their graphic design and photography skills.

Renaldo Fowler interned with Gallup Arts and shared that not only did he gain experience by being accountable for his time, he was encouraged by his mentor Carol Sarath to always make school work his most important priority.  Chris and Bernard Bond, known as “The Bond Brothers,” spent their semester working with the Gallup Journey developing the Gallup Travelers Guide Booklet.  They took this opportunity to collaborate with other interns in the program and Chris noted that part of the learning experienced involved “assembling a team which is something I hadn’t done before.”  In true entrepreneurial fashion, Chris and Bernard are getting ready to establish a Limited Liability Corporation to begin their own marketing business.

Adam Wilkey, GLP Representative, praised the students and the program by stating “I’m honored to work alongside each student as we learn, improve and succeed. I personally enjoy watching the confidence and ability of the students grow and flourish at the end of each semester. I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish and who they become.” 
For more information on hosting a business intern, contact Aaron Kowalski (505) 879-9759, or Adam Wilkey (505) 703-4829.

UNM-Gallup TRiO Student Support Services Exceeds Objectives

By Marilee Petranovich

The TRiO Student Support Services program at UNM-Gallup recently completed its annual assessment for the 2014-2015 academic year and exceeded the approved objectives, as established by the US Department of Education, in all five areas of assessment.  The Student Support Services program was recently re-funded for another five year grant cycle which will allow continuation of their mission to motivate and serve the culturally diverse student population of UNM-Gallup. Through a broad range of support services that include advising, tutoring, financial literacy counseling and a dedication to helping students succeed, the Student Support Services staff work closely with qualifying students to assist them in navigating all areas of higher education.

The recent evaluation ranked the program on an objective of serving 160 students but 163 students were actually admitted giving the program a participation assessment rate of 101%.  While the program was approved at a rate of 80%, 92% of participants remained in good academic standing. The approved rate for students to persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next was 65% and the achieved rate was 83%. The graduation rate was approved at 15% and was exceeded at a rate of 38%, and the transfer rate to a four-year institution was approved at 15% while the achieved rate was 27%.

Jayme McMahon, Acting Director of Student Affairs, said “We are so proud of our staff and our students for attaining these results.” 

Federal TRiO programs, such as Student Support Services, are outreach and student service programs designed to identify and provide individualized assistance to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Eight programs are included under the TRiO umbrella and all are targeted at low income, first generation college students and individuals with disabilities.  The programs help students progress through the academic pipeline from middle school through baccalaureate programs.