Wednesday, October 31, 2018

McKinley Kitchen to Open for Campus-wide Service

Chef Neal Cunningham and Chef David Greeson will open the McKinley Kitchen for UNM-Gallup patrons beginning on Monday, November 5 on a cash-only basis.  Lunch options will include a variety of burgers (add cheese, bacon, and/or green chili), club, ranch and barbeque chicken sandwiches, Asian salads, shaved ice topped with fresh fruit and a variety of snack and beverage options.  On Wednesday, November 7, a Thanksgiving dinner will be served.  The cost is $5.00/person – serving times will be announced early next week.  Many thanks to SDE for offering dining options for our UNM-Gallup community.

Beginning December 1, breakfast options will also be available.

Monday, October 22, 2018

“I’m Here.”

UNM-Gallup Spoken Word, “I’M HERE” is forming.  This is the first spoken word performance group at UNM-Gallup.  The group consists of UNM-Gallup students (including MCHS and McKinley Academy students) who will be performing their own creative writing: poetry, flash fiction, and flash creative nonfiction. Dr. Carmela Lanza is the faculty sponsor for the group.  They will be working on their first performance at UNM-Gallup and then plan to go out into the Gallup community for future performances (possibly at an upcoming ArtsCrawl and at local galleries and tattoo shops).  Any students who are interested may contact students Dane Henry ( or Marcella Garcia ( Dr. Lanza may also be contacted ( 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Weather-related Delays & Closures

UNM-Gallup will align with the decisions of the Gallup McKinley County School District for Weather-related Delays and Closures.  If a delay or closure is called, several methods of communication will be utilized to alert the campus and provide specific information.  Announcements will be made via the following:

  •  Lobo Alert text and email
  •  Local affiliate television stations (KRQE, KOAT, KOB-TV)
  • Local radio stations (KTNN, KGAK, Millennium Media, Clear Channel, KGLP, KTDB, KSHI)
  • Social media channels (Facebook and Twitter)
  • UNM-Gallup switchboard (505-863-7500)

The announcements will specify whether UNM-Gallup is delayed in opening or closed for the day. 

To clarify, for purposes of this policy, a delay means that:
·         Classes and labs normally scheduled to begin and end before the time specified in the delay announcement will not be held;
·         Classes and labs normally scheduled to be in progress at the time specified in the delay announcement will begin at the delayed start time and end at their normally scheduled time; and
·         Classes and labs normally scheduled to begin at or after the time specified in the delay announcement will meet as usual.

A closure means UNM-Gallup will not be opened for day.

In the instance of inclement weather during which no delay or closure has been called, employees and students should make decisions that are safe and reasonable in meeting their employment and class schedules.