Friday, June 7, 2019

Catapult Health Care Appointments

All employees and spouses/domestic partners enrolled in the UNM LoboHealth or the Presbyterian medical plan are invited to benefit from a Catapult Health checkup at NO COST. Catapult Health checkups are by appointment only. 

NOTE: The health checkup is not for pregnant women or those with a history of double mastectomy with bilateral lymph node removal. If either of these pertain to you, please do not schedule an appointment with Catapult Health and continue routine care with your healthcare provider. You may fill out an Exemption Form to obtain your Eligible Employee $200 premium credit or $100 Eligible Spouse/Domestic Partner premium credit. If you need further assistance, please email or call 877-234-1840. 

People you care about and work with may have serious health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and not even know it. Others may not have had a health checkup in years. All would benefit from receiving a worksite Preventive Checkup, just like you.

Forward this email and invite your coworker(s) to join you!  

Visit this link to schedule your appointment:

Your Catapult Health Team


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