Thursday, April 16, 2015

Skills USA Team Brings it Home!

From left to right Joelle Allen, Patric Soce, Leonard Tom, Alec Baldwin, David Moreno, and Ann Jarvis

The UNM-Gallup Skills USA Team competed this past weekend in the New Mexico Skills USA competition on the CNM campus.  19 students competed and the team came home with a total of six medals as described below.  Through the UNM-G Center for Career and Technical Education, these high school students are dually enrolled at UNM-Gallup in a variety of different career education programs.  Their performance at the NM competition qualifies them to compete at the National Skills USA event in Louisville, Kentucky in June.

Congratulations to these fantastic students as well as their faculty sponsors:  Ann Jarvis, Principal, CCTE; Robert Encinio, Instructor, Construction Technology, and Joe Sanchez, Instructor, Welding Program.

The results were as follows:

  • Gold medal in Welding Fabrication; a three-person team from the CCTE Welding Technology Program fabricated a jack stand from specifications distributed earlier; students worked with drafting personnel to develop a blueprint, which was submitted to the judging staff; students created their project on Friday morning (about a 6 hour span); the team was comprised of Tyler Johnson, senior from Miyamura HS, Devin Spencer, senior from Miyamura HS, and Roman Thomas, senior from Gallup HS
  • Gold medal in Career Pathways Showcase/Human Services; a three-person team from the CCTE Fire Science Technology program of study created an eight-minute presentation about one aspect of their training area; the team selected ICS – Incident Command System; this was presented via a PowerPoint presentation, examples of the students’ ICS 100 and 200 FEMA certifications, ICS books, and a display of an ICS chain of command chart; the students shared their knowledge and information with a team of four judges; the team members were Joelle Allen, senior from Miyamura HS, David Moreno, senior from Middle College HS, and Patric Soce, senior from Miyamura HS
  • Gold medal in Extemporaneous Speaking; individual event during which time a contestant is given a topic and five minutes to prepare; Alec Baldwin, a senior from Miyamura HS who is enrolled in the CCTE Fire Science Technology Program, was the recipient of the top honor
  • Silver medal in Customer Service; Govinda Lingayat, a student in the CCTE Health Careers Program, participated in many different scenarios displaying how to best deal with angry/confused/irritates/multiple customers; Govinda is a senior from Gallup HS
  • Bronze medal in Job Skills Demonstration A; this contest has students demonstrate a skill related to his/her area of training; Leonard Tom, a senior from Gallup HS, is enrolled in the CCTE Fire Science Technology program of study, donned his PPE – personal protective equipment (fire gear), explaining the importance of each piece.
  • Bronze medal in Welding; an individual event during which time the participant takes a written test and demonstrates six different welding processes; Andres Escamilla, senior from Miyamura HS, was selected third in the state out of approximately 30 competitors.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Celebration of Student Writing

Announcing the finalists in the first-ever UNM-G Celebration of Student Writing!
We received many high-quality submissions and are pleased to announce individual category winners. These five students will compete for the best overall writing award at National Library Week. The public will vote for the winner based on a poster display contest. That happens on Tuesday, April 14th in Zollinger Library. Food will be available at the event, which is open to the public, between 3-5pm. Please come meet our talented student writers and cast your vote for the best essay. The winner will receive $125, in addition to the $75 they were awarded for winning their category.

We have some extraordinarily gifted writers at UNM-Gallup, and this contest proves that!
Winners, categories, and essay titles are printed below:

Best Essay- Developmental English
Farrah Hood, "Cause and Effect Essay"
Best Essay- English 110
Carlton Henio, "Uncle at Fourteen"
Best Essay- English 120
Corey Holyan, "Bleed Red for Change"
Best Research Essay- non English Course
Anthony Cornwell, "How Sociology Relates to the Environmental Sciences"
Best Creative Work
Jeremy Yazzie, "Second Best"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Campus threat this morning

On behalf of Dr. Dyer and the UNM-Gallup administration, We would like to extend thanks to the law enforcement agencies that worked so diligently this morning to ensure the safety of our campus.  The UNM-Gallup Campus Safety officers, the Gallup City Police Department and the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office were quick in responding and mobilizing to keep our employees and students safe.

Early this morning a social media threat was discovered in the form of a bomb threat to the campus.  Campus Police and UNM-G administrators were alerted to the message which targeted UNM-Gallup.  The campus was immediately closed and a search of the campus was undertaken.  A two-hour delay was instituted when it became clear that a thorough investigation of the campus would not be completed by 8:00 AM.  The delay was extended until 12:00 PM as officers continued their room-to-room search.  Shortly before noon, the search was completed and no threat to safety was identified.  The campus safely reopened at Noon.

The safety of our campus community is always a top priority so every effort was taken to be abundantly cautious and protective of all those who call UNM-Gallup their school or their place of work.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dr. Dyer Installed as President

On Thursday, January 29, UNM-G Executive Director Dr. Christopher Dyer was installed as the first president of the Community College Affiliate Program (CCAP) of the National Council for Science and the Environment.  Centered in Washington, D.C., the CCAP promotes sustainability education and environmental science programs at institutions, such as UNM-Gallup, that grant Associate degrees.  
CCAP also supports student research, engagement and leadership opportunities and partnerships with other community colleges, four year institutions of higher education and federal agencies.  Under Dr. Dyer’s leadership CCAP will continue to advance the quality of interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education and encourage the participation of administrators, faculty and staff in sustainability efforts.   Participating CCAP members promote careers in environmentally healthy and sustainable communities by providing diverse student populations with the knowledge and skills necessary.  
Congratulations to Dr. Dyer for achieving this great honor!

UNM-G Professor Contributes to Publication

Dr. Carmela Lanza, Assistant Professor of English and English Coordinator, is a contributor to a newly published book, Yin and Yang in the English Classroom: Teaching With Popular Culture Texts, edited by Sandra Eckard.  Dr. Lanza, in collaboration with the other contributing authors, discusses ways college professors and high school teachers can blend together curriculum that both motivates students with interesting material while still achieving important and mandated academic goals.  The authors address the challenge of combining “fun” work like projects and movie days with the demanding curriculum of English studies.  
This book presents a cohesive philosophy for successfully achieving this balance of teaching literature and writing skills, foundations based in theory and practical applications necessary for the modern classroom with activities and projects that can be easily brought into the classroom.  Dr. Lanza’s chapter, “ ‘Whose Side is He on?’:  Teaching Complex Characters with Novels and Films” appears in Part One: Literature Fundamentals and Pop Culture Connections.  The book is written as a teaching aid for both new teachers and experienced instructors.    Published by Rowman and Littlefield, the book is available on Amazon.

Welding Instructor Honored

The American Welding Society of New Mexico recently honored UNM-Gallup welding instructor Joe Sanchez as their Educator of the Year.  Joe was honored at an awards ceremony on January 22 where he was acknowledged for his teaching accomplishments as well as his contributions towards the success of the UNM-Gallup welding program.   Patrick Bauman, Chairperson, American Welding Society, Section 75, District 20 notes “It is the efforts of people like you that promote welding as a career and keep our society viable…thank you for your efforts and devotion to promoting welding in our section.”
“To be acknowledged by my peers as the Educator of the Year chosen from among many other welding colleges is quite an honor,” said Joe.  Nominations for this honor came from all Certified Welding Instructors within Section 75, District 20 of the American Welding Society.  District 20 includes all of New Mexico, Colorado and Montana, and Section 75 includes all of New Mexico.
Joe has been instructing welding classes at UNM-G for the past six years after restarting the program from hiatus status.  When he started, the program did not even have books and the first year he had just enough students to allow the program to run.  Currently there is a waiting list of students wanting to enter the welding program. Last year 18 of Joe’s students were immediately hired upon graduation which represents 75% of the class.  “I’ve gotten great feedback from employers.  My success is based on theirs.  If they get a job, I’m successful,” said Joe in a recent interview. 

Joe is very emphatic that he is teaching exactly what the other welding programs in the country are teaching and that our students are fully prepared to enter directly into the workforce.  “The Tulsa School of Welding might have 150 students in a class.  We have smaller classes which allows for more one-on-one instruction.  We have great instructors here, and we are meeting the industry standards.”
Joe’s next goal is to become a Certified Welding Instructor.  That will allow him to provide industry certification to our own students in-house.  Congratulations to Joe for this great accomplishment.

Friday, January 9, 2015

UNM-Gallup gets visit from wolf ambassador

By Marilee Petranovich

UNM-Gallup Executive Director Christopher Dyer, Zoerro and Zoerb pose with campus faculty and staff.

University of New Mexico-Gallup had an unscheduled visit Monday from Zoerro, a wolf ambassador from the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary located just south of Gallup.  Zoerro, the official UNM Lobo ambassador, was on his way to main campus in Albuquerque when he stopped in for a visit accompanied by handler Rory Zoerb.

Zoerro and Zoerb were on their way to thank UNM main campus for food contributions made to the wolf sanctuary where the two live.  The mission of the sanctuary is to rescue displaced, unwanted and un-releasable captive-bred wolves, wolf dogs and other related species.  Animals are provided permanent, lifetime safe sanctuary and the highest level of care, enrichment and habitat.

The sanctuary also educates the public about wolves, wolf dogs and other related species, our ecosystem, how we all play a part in it, and the excellent ethical care and treatment of all animals, domestic and wild.

Zoerb initially planned to leave Zoerro at the sanctuary but was unable to be away from the friend he had rescued and raised.  Zoerb decided to stay at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, and is now the web developer and Zoerro’s permanent handler.  For more information visit