Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Revised traffic plan for construction project

Public Notice
Utility Construction

Project Timeframe: Construction is set to begin March 6, 2017 and to conclude May 1, 2017.
Project Location: Construction will be in Maryanna Avenue near the Cresto Water Tank and head East on Gurley Avenue to Calvin Hall Dr. Entrance.
Project Schedule: Construction will Start at the entrance to the Pump Station near the Cresto Tank on Maryanna Avenue and continue North to Gurley Avenue.  Once onto Gurley Avenue construction will head East on Gurley towards UNM Gallup Campus.  Construction will end near the turn entrance of Calvin Hall Dr. (entrance between Zollinger Library and the UNM Gym).
            Phase I: Maryanna Avenue waterline from Pump Station North to Gurley Avenue.
            Phase II: Gurley Avenue near water tank East to Calvin Hall Dr. Entrance.
            Phase III: Waterline tie-ins to existing water main.
Contractor will make every effort to inform public and to maximize access to UNM Gallup Campus and surrounding residences.
Project Hours: Construction work is scheduled between the hours of 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Traffic Control Update: Due to safety concerns, contractor will have the road closed from College Drive to the west lane of the dual-lane entrance.  When finished with waterline installation here, contractor will open this portion of the road and close the road from the east lane of the dual-lane entrance to the entrance near Zollinger Library. The contractor has set up a detour for traffic to be able to enter the college area off of Peggy Ann Dr.  The contractor is making every effort to install this waterline and re-open this road as quick as possible.
This work is taking place the week of March 20, 2017- March 25, 2017. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Students: Fully Funded Study Abroad Opportunity

One Month Leadership Program for Indigenous Young Leaders
May 29-June 23, 2017 @ Universidad De las Americas Puebla (UDLAP), Puebla, MX
Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico
Deadline: March 15, 2017
Short Description: The Leadership Program for Indigenous Youth aims to strengthen the abilities of young leaders so they can accurately identify the needs of their hometowns or communities, propose solutions to local problems, and generate public policy proposals in order to promote local development. See attachment “Leadership Program for Indigenous Youth USA”

Language: Content primarily delivered in Spanish, with English translation available. Working knowledge of Spanish language will be helpful for interaction with other program participants.

Applicant profile: Native American students between 18-25 years old, currently in an undergraduate program of study. Applicants should have broad knowledge of current issues or challenges in their communities relating to language, health, or migration.

Costs: Full scholarships available to include RT international travel, meals, accommodation, and program fees.

Deadline: Official deadline is March 6, 2017; however, I can extend to ensure serious applicants have time to prepare applications.

Interested students should contact: Danielle Gilliam, Administrative Officer, UNM Global Education Office (GEO) | 277-6051 or dgilliam@unm.edu. Applicants will receive application assistance from UNM GEO.

Students: Partial Scholarships Available:
Int'l Opportunity for UNM Undergraduate Women in STEM +Architecture
June 3-30, 2017 @ Universidad La Salle Mexico, Mexico City, MX
Sponsored by 100,000 Strong in the Americas

Short Description: The University of New Mexico Global Education Office is pleased to announce partial scholarships for UNM undergraduate women in the STEM +Architecture (STEM+A) fields to participate in an international high-impact academic professionalization program – The Innovation Academy for Women of the Americas (“The Academy”). UNM applicants from the following disciplines are preferred: biology, chemistry, engineering (civil, chemical and biological, electrical and computer, and mechanical), earth and planetary sciences, environmental sciences, mathematics and statistics, nutrition, and environmental planning and design (architecture).

During the 30-day program participants can expect to:
• Develop globally relevant experience through working on a challenging real-life, hands-on project focused on improving water quality and overall public health within a specific ecosystem. Participants will collaborate in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural groups within four main modules: data analysis and identification of quality-of-life measures; research and review of technological/engineering requirements; environmental factor analysis; and design of the social habitat.
• Receive coaching/mentoring from academics, practitioners, and experts who will encourage the development of problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Participants will enrich academic competencies in research methodologies, project management, and cross-discipline communication and collaboration. These skills are designed to accelerate preparation for graduate studies and professional research.
• Develop leadership skills needed for personal, academic, and professional success with an emphasis in stimulating innovation, entrepreneurship, and increased global social responsibility awareness. Participants will become part of a network of women in the STEM+A fields to facilitate on-going mentorship, support, and collaboration beyond the duration of the summer program.
• Experience first-hand cultural exchanges, develop global points-of-view, and broaden knowledge in their fields.
• Receive a certificate of completion, endorsed by The Academy and its higher education partners

Language: Content primarily delivered in English. Intermediate conversational Spanish language skills described in the application essay and demonstrated to the UNM Global Education Office, if chosen. It is important to have at least an intermediate conversational Spanish language ability to meaningfully engage within the environment of Mexico City.

Applicant Profile:
• Current cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Must have completed (5) semesters in a STEM+A undergraduate program of study
• Previous experience with undergraduate research
• Maturity, responsibility, and willingness to participate fully in The Academy activities and its international network for women of the Americas.

Costs & Scholarships:
• Program fee: $2,500 USD, includes program content and related transportation, housing, meals, certificate of completion, and Universidad La Salle campus facility access as related to the program. Roundtrip international airfare, passport expenses, and personal expenses are not included in this cost.
• Partial scholarships are available to support competitive UNM applicants administered through the UNM Global Education Office. Scholarship awards will range between $500 and $1,000 USD. The scholarships are made possible by the 100,000 Strong in the Americas initiative.
• Applicants may also apply for general scholarships available through the Global Education Office’s Education Abroad program. For more information visit: https://studyabroad.unm.edu/section/unm-regents-international-study-grant

To indicate interest, obtain specific information, and/or to apply contact:
Danielle Gilliam, UNM Global Education Office
277-6051 or dgilliam@unm.edu

The UNM Global Education Office plans to assist with facilitating the application process for UNM applicants.

For general information visit: www.academy4women.org
Facebook: @academiaparamujeres
The Academy is a consortium of talented and motivated undergraduate women, faculty, professionals, organizations, and institutions linked by a common purpose: to encourage and inspire more women in the Americas to advance to higher levels of education and influence in the science, technology, engineering, math, and architecture (STEM+A) fields. Women in the Americas have valuable perspectives to contribute to these disciplines, and this program strives to develop the talents and leadership skills of undergraduate women for their long-term success, advance research across the continent, and ignite transformative social change.