Friday, February 13, 2015

Dr. Dyer Installed as President

On Thursday, January 29, UNM-G Executive Director Dr. Christopher Dyer was installed as the first president of the Community College Affiliate Program (CCAP) of the National Council for Science and the Environment.  Centered in Washington, D.C., the CCAP promotes sustainability education and environmental science programs at institutions, such as UNM-Gallup, that grant Associate degrees.  
CCAP also supports student research, engagement and leadership opportunities and partnerships with other community colleges, four year institutions of higher education and federal agencies.  Under Dr. Dyer’s leadership CCAP will continue to advance the quality of interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education and encourage the participation of administrators, faculty and staff in sustainability efforts.   Participating CCAP members promote careers in environmentally healthy and sustainable communities by providing diverse student populations with the knowledge and skills necessary.  
Congratulations to Dr. Dyer for achieving this great honor!

UNM-G Professor Contributes to Publication

Dr. Carmela Lanza, Assistant Professor of English and English Coordinator, is a contributor to a newly published book, Yin and Yang in the English Classroom: Teaching With Popular Culture Texts, edited by Sandra Eckard.  Dr. Lanza, in collaboration with the other contributing authors, discusses ways college professors and high school teachers can blend together curriculum that both motivates students with interesting material while still achieving important and mandated academic goals.  The authors address the challenge of combining “fun” work like projects and movie days with the demanding curriculum of English studies.  
This book presents a cohesive philosophy for successfully achieving this balance of teaching literature and writing skills, foundations based in theory and practical applications necessary for the modern classroom with activities and projects that can be easily brought into the classroom.  Dr. Lanza’s chapter, “ ‘Whose Side is He on?’:  Teaching Complex Characters with Novels and Films” appears in Part One: Literature Fundamentals and Pop Culture Connections.  The book is written as a teaching aid for both new teachers and experienced instructors.    Published by Rowman and Littlefield, the book is available on Amazon.

Welding Instructor Honored

The American Welding Society of New Mexico recently honored UNM-Gallup welding instructor Joe Sanchez as their Educator of the Year.  Joe was honored at an awards ceremony on January 22 where he was acknowledged for his teaching accomplishments as well as his contributions towards the success of the UNM-Gallup welding program.   Patrick Bauman, Chairperson, American Welding Society, Section 75, District 20 notes “It is the efforts of people like you that promote welding as a career and keep our society viable…thank you for your efforts and devotion to promoting welding in our section.”
“To be acknowledged by my peers as the Educator of the Year chosen from among many other welding colleges is quite an honor,” said Joe.  Nominations for this honor came from all Certified Welding Instructors within Section 75, District 20 of the American Welding Society.  District 20 includes all of New Mexico, Colorado and Montana, and Section 75 includes all of New Mexico.
Joe has been instructing welding classes at UNM-G for the past six years after restarting the program from hiatus status.  When he started, the program did not even have books and the first year he had just enough students to allow the program to run.  Currently there is a waiting list of students wanting to enter the welding program. Last year 18 of Joe’s students were immediately hired upon graduation which represents 75% of the class.  “I’ve gotten great feedback from employers.  My success is based on theirs.  If they get a job, I’m successful,” said Joe in a recent interview. 

Joe is very emphatic that he is teaching exactly what the other welding programs in the country are teaching and that our students are fully prepared to enter directly into the workforce.  “The Tulsa School of Welding might have 150 students in a class.  We have smaller classes which allows for more one-on-one instruction.  We have great instructors here, and we are meeting the industry standards.”
Joe’s next goal is to become a Certified Welding Instructor.  That will allow him to provide industry certification to our own students in-house.  Congratulations to Joe for this great accomplishment.

Friday, January 9, 2015

UNM-Gallup gets visit from wolf ambassador

By Marilee Petranovich

UNM-Gallup Executive Director Christopher Dyer, Zoerro and Zoerb pose with campus faculty and staff.

University of New Mexico-Gallup had an unscheduled visit Monday from Zoerro, a wolf ambassador from the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary located just south of Gallup.  Zoerro, the official UNM Lobo ambassador, was on his way to main campus in Albuquerque when he stopped in for a visit accompanied by handler Rory Zoerb.

Zoerro and Zoerb were on their way to thank UNM main campus for food contributions made to the wolf sanctuary where the two live.  The mission of the sanctuary is to rescue displaced, unwanted and un-releasable captive-bred wolves, wolf dogs and other related species.  Animals are provided permanent, lifetime safe sanctuary and the highest level of care, enrichment and habitat.

The sanctuary also educates the public about wolves, wolf dogs and other related species, our ecosystem, how we all play a part in it, and the excellent ethical care and treatment of all animals, domestic and wild.

Zoerb initially planned to leave Zoerro at the sanctuary but was unable to be away from the friend he had rescued and raised.  Zoerb decided to stay at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, and is now the web developer and Zoerro’s permanent handler.  For more information visit

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

UNM-Gallup 2014 Fall Commencement

2014 Fall Graduation

UNM-Gallup hosted its first Fall Commencement on Saturday, December 13th at the Hiroshi Miyamura High School Gymnasium.  Over 100 students attending classes at UNM-Gallup completed their requirements for graduation by the end of the fall semester, and 57 of those graduates and their families attended the commencement exercises. 

With over 1300 audience members in attendance, graduates processed into the gymnasium as the Miyamura High School Band performed “Pomp and Circumstance.”  The Gallup High School ROTC presented the colors and the National Anthem was performed by UNM-Gallup student Ian McLaughlin.  Welcome and opening remarks were given by Jeannie Baca, Director of Student Affairs, Edwin Begay, President of the UNM-G Local Advisory Board, and Executive Director Dr. Christopher Dyer. 

Bachelor and Graduate degrees were conferred by Dr. Monica Orozco Obando, Vice Provost for Extended Learning who attended the ceremony from the UNM main campus.  Associate Degrees were conferred by Dr. Dyer. 

UNM-Gallup has traditionally held one commencement exercise each year at the end of the spring semester.  In an effort to honor the achievements of fall graduates who may not return for the spring graduation and to make the ceremony smaller and more personal, UNM-Gallup administrators decided to pilot a fall commencement. 

Congratulations to the fall 2014 graduates of UNM-Gallup!

New Faces in the Business Community

Gallup Land Partners Entrepreneurship Program

Gallup, New Mexico-December 22, 2014.
Arlinda Fatty
The University of New Mexico-Gallup (UNM-G) and the Gallup Land Partners (GLP) have partnered together to introduce a new internship program which teams students with local businesses to give future entrepreneurs hands-on experience in real-world work settings.  During the fall 2014 semester, four students from the UNM-G business program were paired with participating business professionals to increase student awareness of community needs and to strengthen campus-community ties.  Students are able to develop resume-building experiences while developing skills in the areas of interviewing, negotiating, networking and other “soft skills” that help with the transition from school to work force. 

Robert Roche, President and CEO of GLP, believes very strongly in his vision to directly affect the business community by starting with students.  Roche explains that “where I am today has very little to do with where I started.  I wanted to give this same opportunity to these UNM-Gallup students and give them the support that I received when I was their age.  All of these students were chosen because of their excellent grades and work ethic.  I believe that excellence should be rewarded and the internships are our way of going about that.  I also want to contribute to Gallup and look forward to a long relationship with the community.  Starting in one place and finishing is another is the story of my life and will hopefully be the story of these students as well.”

Melody Natewa
The internship is offered to students who are in their second year of study, have a 3.2 grade point average and have expressed an interest in entrepreneurship.  This hands-on experience comes with a $1,000 scholarship per semester which is funded by GLP.  The interns receive up to 6 credit hours towards their degree by working 10-20 hours per week with their business partners.

This opportunity also provides businesses an excellent way to view and recruit new, energetic and skilled employees who bring new perspectives and fresh ideas.  It is hoped that student interns may seamlessly transition to full-time employees who will require little in the way of orientation and can be immediately productive.  GLP, who sponsors intern Anthony Tsosie, knows the benefit of allowing students direct experience in the work place.  According to Aaron Kowalski, GLP representative, “we are creating a synergistic relationship between upcoming entrepreneurs from all departments into the community.  This experience will help prepare these young entrepreneurs by showing them how successful businesses perform.” 

Intern Maryellen Tom is working at Adventure Gallup and Beyond and she is “enjoying the
Anthony Jacobe Tsosie
working environment and the groups of people are excellent.  I am working hard and dreaming big.”  The Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation is sponsoring Melody Natewa who feels that “the GGEDC helped me improve in greater lengths on how a business should be presented.  I am seeing how perfection is the key.”  The law offices of Mason and Isaacson, P.A. hosted intern Arlinda Fatty this past semester who had high praise for her experience in the legal field.  “This is an awesome and amazing program because I am becoming more well-rounded and excited about the future.”

GLP is scheduled to open their Gallup Energy Logistics Park next year which will be located northwest of Gallup.  Local businesses who would be interested in participating in the GLP Entrepreneurship Initiative are encouraged to contact Aaron Kowalski at (505) 879-9759 or Adam Wilkey at (435) 703-4829.