Monday, September 29, 2014

SkillsUSA New Mexico

By Marilee Petranovich - September 29, 2014

UNM-Gallup has been selected to host the Fall Service Learning and Leadership Conference of SkillsUSA New Mexico.  The Conference will take place from Saturday, October 11 – Monday, October 13 and will involve 150-200 students enrolled in career technical education programs across the state.  

SkillsUSA brings together students, teachers and industry representatives into a partnership of education, support and preparation for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations.    Using an applied method of instruction, students are prepared to be high performance workers through education in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development.  An emphasis is placed on self-confidence, work attitudes, communication skills, high ethical standards and work skills, pride in work dignity and education as a life-long process.  The mission of SkillsUSA is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.  Each year more than 300,000 students join SkillsUSA.

The students attending the Fall Service Learning & Leadership Conference will be participating in “Project Helping Hands” through involvement in the following projects:
1)      Veterans Helping Veterans – The local veterans support group recently acquired a building that will give members a place to meet, eat and celebrate life.  SkillsUSA New Mexico students will assist in renovation of the new building. 
2)      Playground of Dreams – This wooden playground was constructed one board at a time by community members nearly 20 years ago.  Through “Project Helping Hands” the wood will be sanded, sealed and painted so children can continue to play safely. 
3)      Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home – Committed to making a difference one child at a time, the Manuelito Children’s Home has been specializing the care of Native American children since 1959, and will have its gym ceiling reinforced by SkillsUSA New Mexico students.

Adult Education Center Leads the State

By Marilee Petranovich - September 29, 2014

The UNM-Gallup Adult Education Program once again exceeds projected performance measures and ranks well above the state average in terms of program goals achieved.   Per the chart above, the UNM-G Adult Education program has been ranked as one of the top programs in the state.  The Adult Education Program has sites at UNM-G’s north campus as well as the Zuni campus.  Both sites provide instruction in GED preparation and English as a second language and the Gallup location also serves as a GED testing center.  Project Director Laura Jijon oversees both programs.

Generous Contributors to UNM-Gallup

By Marilee Petranovich - September 29, 2014

Robert Roche and UNM-G students

UNM-Gallup is the beneficiary of two new scholarships:

The “GLP Entrepreneurship Initiative” will provide assistance to students in entrepreneurship/business programs in the amount of $2,000/academic year.  UNM-Gallup is grateful to Robert Roche, Theresa Roche and the Gallup Land Partnership, LLC for their generosity to the students of UNM-Gallup.

The “Robert and Mildred Holmes Memorial Scholarship” has been contributed to support students pursuing certificates and degrees in the allied health fields.  The scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $500.00/semester.  Robert and Mildred Holmes were wonderful citizens of Gallup and many remember Coach Holmes from his basketball days at Gallup Junior High School in the 1960’s.  Thanks go to Chonita Holmes for memorializing her family with this generous contribution.

Quilts of Valor Ceremony

By Marilee Petranovich - September 29, 2014

The UNM-Gallup North Campus provided the perfect setting for the 2nd Quilts of Valor Ceremony in Gallup on July 18.  Against the backdrop of beautiful and patriotic decorations prepared by the students and staff of the North Campus, a summer celebration was hosted to honor local veterans.  The Tohatchi  Veterans Organization began the ceremony with the posting of colors.  The evening continued with a poem reading by Shawn Ashley, saxophone music by Richard Wade, and the presentation of handmade quilts to the Veterans.  The veterans receiving quilts were Roy Phillips, Kathleen Leon, Lucretia Morris, Ryan Chee, Anthony Larry, Kyle White Eagle and Wyatt Stiger.  Quilts were also presented to the UNM-Gallup Veterans Center,  the City of Gallup and Medal Honor recipient Hiroshi Miyamura.  Mayor Jackie McKinney accepted the quilt on behalf of the City and expressed his appreciation for the quilters as well as the support Gallup has given to all of its veterans.  The Quilts of Valor was a joint project of Gallup Service Mart Quilters Guild and UNM-Gallup.  The evening ended with an all-American picnic complete with hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie.  Approximately 200 guests attended.

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Governor Susana Martinez visits UNM-Gallup

By Marilee Petranovich - September 29, 2014

Picture by John Van't Land

Governor Susana Martinez visited the UNM-Gallup campus on Thursday, August 28th to speak with students, faculty and staff about the educational needs of New Mexico especially as they pertain to higher education.  The Governor was warmly welcomed to the campus and received a standing ovation as she entered the Student Services Technology Center.  

                Executive Director, Dr. Christopher Dyer welcomed the Governor and her staff to the campus, then called Gallup Mayor Jackie McKinney to the podium.  Mayor McKinney thanked Governor Martinez and introduced her as a “great friend to Gallup.”

                The Governor’s message to UNM-Gallup was that there must be partnerships with the elementary, middle and high schools to form a true K-16 continuum.   She emphasized the need for collaborations between all schools and universities to better prepare high school graduates thereby reducing the need for remedial courses.  The Governor spoke to the need for workforce skills education as a means of meeting the requirements of current and incoming industries.  

                Governor Martinez spent the rest of her campus visit meeting the students, faculty and staff members who had come to hear her speak.  She arrived on campus after visiting Juan de Onate Elementary School.  Next on her schedule was the “Business After Hours” sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and a dinner party at the Gallup Cultural Center.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Levi Romero at UNM Gallup

Levi Romero, New Mexico Centennial Poet Laureate in 2012, is the author of Sagrado: A Photo poetics Across the Chicano Homeland, UNM Press; A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works, UNM Press; and In the Gathering of Silence, West End Press. He is from the Embudo Valley of northern New Mexico. Romero is a bilingual poet whose language is immersed in the regional manito dialect of northern New Mexico with its 17th century archaisms and melodic registers. His work has been published throughout the United States, Mexico, Spain, and Cuba. Romero's writing is a narrative tapestry of formal poetics woven through a palette of Nuevomexicano colloquialisms and the poetic richness of vernacular language. His poem, “De dondeyo soy,” was published by Scholastic as part of a nationwide educational project and his radio interview by Taos journalist Tania Casselle won several regional and national press awards. A Poetry of Remembrance was a finalist in the Texas League of Writers’ Book Awards and listed as a Best Books of the Southwest. He teaches in the Chicana and Chicano Studies and the Community and Regional Planning programs at the University of New Mexico.
      Writer Sandra Cisneros noted: “how come nothing in the great American poetry anthology/reads like the America I know?” Levi Romero asks in one of the poems from his upcoming holy and heartfelt collection “A Poetry of Remembrance. The America of Romero's poetry is New Mexico, and not the postcard New Mexico either, but the real thing spoken from the real poets--old folks in old people's homes, lowriders and farmers, the born-again and the walking wounded. Stories told with a beer at the river, “stories... bound to other stories…” This collection is a testament to the folks whose lives are poems. The workers and the women, the down-and-out and the outright foolish. He honors them all, remembers them all. So long as Levi Romero remembers, this America can never die.”
Rudolfo Anaya, perhaps best known for Bless Me, Ulitma, said that “Levi grew up steeped in the language of el norte, the Rio Arriba gente. Language is the hallmark of his poetic strength…Levi reveals family life and teenage years, in rhythmic Spanish and in-your-face bilingual Spanish—all levels of language serve the poet. Levi’s duende spirit is restless, and it smolders with true poetic intent… The spiritual essence of the Rio Grande corridor and its tributaries shines in every poem. From the loco to the sublime, Levi’s poems are a blessing on our heads.”
     And Luis Alberto Urrea, said that “Levi Romero is a strange kind of wizard. He can walk up a New Mexico arroyo and come back with a mysterious object full of quotidian magic. Like a rusted tobacco can the grandfathers used to roll their smokes. And when you pry open the lid; you can hear their laughter and gossip coming out. That's what he does in poem after poem. I read his work and I learn again how to love this life.”

When: Ocotber 2, 2014
Time: 5:30-7:30 P.M.
Where: Gurley Hall 1124