Monday, October 26, 2015

UNM-Gallup Offers On-Campus Mental Health Services

By Marilee Petranovich

Students at UNM-Gallup now have access to counseling services in a manner that brings together professional mental health experts, technology, confidentiality and recognition that many issues can complicate a student’s ability to be healthy and happy.  Through an agreement with UNM Student Health and Counseling (SHAC), UNM-Gallup is utilizing Zoom Technology to bring students “face-to-face” with trained mental health counselors from the main campus in Albuquerque.

Private and confidential meetings are now taking place via Zoom in a specially designated office on the UNM-Gallup campus.  Services began this week and according to Student Success Specialist Mary Lou Mraz, “It is now much easier for our students to access mental health services locally.  Professionals will be getting students immediately into counseling including emergency care if necessary.”  

The SHAC services went into operation last week giving UNM-G students the opportunity to schedule appointments of up to an hour and fifteen minutes at a time, Monday through Friday.  Mary Lou explained that she opens the door to the private office 45 minutes before a scheduled appointment to provide complete confidentiality to students when they arrive.  Instructions are on the desk so students can log on by themselves and begin their session with one of the SHAC professionals.  Mary Lou noted, “The most common issues students deal with are depression, anxiety, bullying and substance abuse issues.  Students sometimes struggle with academic issues, especially if they are not doing well in class, as well as excessive stress and sexual identity issues.”

Dr. Stephanie McIver, Director of Counseling Services at SHAC, is working directly with the UNM-G student services staff in bringing the availability of these coordinated and professional mental health services to the UNM-G campus to ensure that all university students have the tools they need to foster success.  Students who wish to schedule an appointment on the Gallup campus are asked to call (505) 277-3136 or access the UNM Health Portal at

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Staff & Faculty Mini-Grant Committee Some Notable Awards

By Yi-Wen Huang
So far, the Staff & Faculty Mini-Grant Committee has funded many projects that are innovative and have enriched students' learning experiences or benefited the faculty, staff, the institution, or the community at large.  These include Ms. Ann Jarvis' SkillsUSA Start-Up Project, Professor Thomas Kaus' Math Challenges for 5th Graders, Dr. Carmela Lanza's book club, Ms. Kathleen Head's project to enhance students' reading and comprehension of information using the Irlen method, Ms. Marilou Joson's Building Bridges for Learning workshop, Dr. Matt Mingus' National Library Week project, Dr. Carolyn Kuchera's Celebration of Student Writing, Ms. Laura Jijon's North Campus Mural project, Professor John Zimmerman's Ceramic Mold project, Professor Kristi Wilson's Rolling Mill project, and Dr. Lewis Gambill's Growing Up Wild Curriculum Workshop, among others.