Monday, November 26, 2018

Faculty Publications – Congratulations!

·         Dr. Tracy Lassiter, assistant professor of English and James Fisk, public services librarian have had a chapter published in the American Library Association's new book Library Service and Learning: Empowering Students, Inspiring Social Responsibility, and Building Community Connections. Their chapter is titled “Fostering Community Engagement through Intentionality and Faculty-Librarian Partnerships.”  The book may be purchased at the ALA Store.

·         Dr. Florentin Smarandache co-authored and edited the recent publication Neutroscophic Multi-Criteria Decision Making.  This special culmination of research articles reports on the use of neutrosophic logic as it applies to a variety of real-life and scientific problem-solving processes.  The book may be purchased at Barnes & Noble.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Library Survey

The UNM-Gallup Zollinger Library would like to improve upon its services to best meet the needs of UNM-Gallup students, so we would like to have your opinion on our hours and services.

Please carefully read the questions in this survey and indicate your response. Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and you may choose to answer only certain questions or quit the survey at any time. Thank you for participating! Your feedback is essential in helping us better serve you!

Thank you for your input!

Faculty published

Congratulations to Dr. Keri Stevenson, assistant professor of English, who has had an article published in the book Inside the World of Harry Potter: Critical Essays on the Books and Films, edited by Christopher E. Bell, which just came out this month.  Dr. Stevenson’s article is titled “The First Gift:  Owls as Paragons of the Non-Human” and covers owls as an exception to a human-centric attitude is the Harry Potter books.  In the introduction, the editor recognizes this article as “one of the most interesting Potter-related pieces I have read in some time.”   The book can be purchased at several vendors including Barnes & Noble and Target.